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WeeMo Design is an emerging company which specializes in logo animation, post-production video editing as well as motion and graphic design. It all began when a passion became an idea when our CEO completed a Multimedia Production course at the Grasset Institute. The passion for video editing was always there, but it was through a string of interesting occurences and an atypical journey that the idea became an enterprise.

Words like passion, adaptation, determination and the constant pursuit of unmatched results are what describe what we reach for on each and every project. Then again, words are easy to use while actions remain what makes or breaks a business partnership. This is why we invite you to see for yourself and allow us to show you just how much we mean what we say. From the very first step and until your story reaches a satisfying end, we will be there to work with you. Our customers are paramount and we strive at nothing less than complete satisfaction. Feel free to browse our website and look at the projects we already completed. 

Don’t hesitate to reach us either by phone or by e-mail and let us be the partner for your ideas.


To make your vision into reality, we use the Adobe suite, namely After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and Audition. We sometimes also use Logic Pro.

You don’t have a logo to animate but you would like to acquire one for your own project or business? Bring us your idea and we’ll help you concretize it into a product that meets you needs. It is well established that in this fast-paced digital era, success belongs to those who quickly make a strong impression. New customers are quick to decide and social media has made digital consumption a fast moving business. Allow your company to stand out with an eye-catching animated logo and a solid intro to your corporate videos.

You have a story to tell and we’ll make it come to life. A video is the ideal way to introduce your vision, your staff, your products and the services you offer. Tell us what you need and we’ll help you build the best possible solution.

We collaborate with local businesses to round up the services we offer, if there is an aspect that falls out of our specialty, we connect with other talented specialists to make sure you always get the best results.

We are new in the field but rest assured, we pull all the stops to make your project a success.


Post-production is the last step on the road to movie creation or in this case, your own video project. It is when technology harmonizes a project into something more than the sum of its part. In our field, we’re talking about video editing, audio mixing and graphic design.

WeeMo Design has your success in mind. This is why we remain at your side until your project has reched its full potential. Contact us for a quote or for any question you might have.

Allow us to show you some of our completed projects in the following section.


Graphic design is the art of creating and adding visual content to an existing video. It is how we enhance its early form with text content, presentation panels or credits. Just as traditional audio and video methods can improve your project, this is a way to enhance it and bring more value to its content.

We’ll be happy to accompany you throughout the process and support your projects so they can reach their full potential. Through graphic design, good projects become even better. Don’t hesitate to ask for a service quote.

Take a few minutes to watch our most recent creations, they demonstrate how we apply graphic design to our projects.


A recognizable brand name is essential to success and a company logo makes a good part of that. Imagine the impact your presententation will carry if they begin with an animated version of your logo. The process adds dynamic energy to a presentation and will be sure to catch the eye of your client.

logo animation is an important and enjoyable part of what the WeeMo Design team does. It is a pleasure and a challenge to create an animation that will aptly represent and respect your company image. Contact us now for information and to ask for a service quote.

In the following section, please find examples of our latest creations.